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Summary of the Sociological Theory on the Homosexuality


Theory of Homosexuality by Cultural Lerning


Social values define those patterns of behavior that when everybody follows them they lead to the well-being of the collective.  The social values are part of the culture of peoples. When you change the values of a people, is also changed an aspect of the culture of this people.


The heterosexual behavior of a people is part of the culture of that people and is determined by the values of that culture with regard to sexual conduct that is considered acceptable, correct or good vs. sexual conduct which is considered unacceptable, incorrect or bad.  For example, it is normal that in a society with an heterosexual culture the heterosexual behavior is valued as acceptable, correct, or good, and the homosexual behavior is valued as unacceptable, incorrect or bad.  On the contrary, it is normal that in a society with an homosexual culture the heterosexual behavior and the homosexual behavior is valued in the same way as acceptable, correct or good conduct.


When contemporary society, through the courts, the legislature and the Executive criminalizes and penalizes the holding of values that reject the homosexual conduct as unacceptable, incorrect or bad, it is forcing a change in the culture of the people from an heterosexual culture to an homosexual culture.  The cultural change will not be in the short term.  It will take 4 to 5 generations, that is. 80 to 100 years to see the cultural transformation of the society.



Key Questions


Is homosexuality a biological behavior or homosexuality is a socially learned behavior?


Homosexuals are a discriminated minority or homosexuals are not a discriminated minority?


Does homosexual behavior can be promoted in countries until there is a transition from an heterosexual society or country to homosexual society or country?


Does the United States tops the list of countries in clear transition towards a homosexual society?


In this place we will have to respond to each of these questions.



What Are the Causes or Origins of the Homosexual Conduct in Human Beings?


Homosexual behavior can have two causes or origins. It may have a biological cause and, therefore, innate, as well as also a sociological cause and, therefore, learned. Therefore, it is both innate and socially learned behavior.


We can be agreed that in a small proportion of the population people have a biological or hormonal or brain chemical factor that induces them to feel sexual attraction to people of the same sex. We can be agreed that the homosexual behavior of these people has a biological origin or cause. However, in the majority proportion of the population where that hormone or that brain chemical factor is which corresponds to your sex, happens they can get sexual gratification of homosexual behavior, despite not being biologically attracted to persons of the same sex. In fact there is a part of this majority population that is homosexual despite not being biologically attracted to persons of the same sex. We say that the homosexual behavior of these people is learned.


This gratification or sexual pleasure that can get a person who is not biologically homosexual has its origin in the physiology of sexual pleasure in human beings.



Physiology of the Sex Pleasure in Humans Beings


Every man can derive pleasure from anal penetration or that another man caress your penis and masturbate him or that another man practicing with his penis an oral sexual relationship or another man to caress your skin.


All human beings are biologically equipped to derive sexual pleasure stimulation of your body, no matter who or what came from that stimulus.


Every man can derive sexual pleasure of the use of any object to cause an anal penetration or stimulate your penis. The object can be an artificial penis or an artifact that vibrate or a plastic doll or simply watching a photo or a drawing with the figure of a woman or a man, whether they are naked or with clothes.


The same reasoning applies to the woman. Every woman can derive pleasure from the caresses that another woman can cause with the fingers of your hand or some object. All women can derive sexual pleasure that another woman caress her skin, her breasts, her lips or her vagina.


What are the Causes of the not Homosexual Behavior in Humans Beings?


Now, what is that makes men and women can not derive pleasure from homosexual relationships and instead of getting pleasure, only feel repulsion, disgust, shame, anguish, finally, rejection of such behavior? What makes that human beings can not derive pleasure of homosexuals relations are the values. In specific, socially learned values.  That is, the values of the culture that regulate sexual behavior and that they are instilled in individuals through socialization mechanisms.


Human beings are the only animals in nature that have values and that govern its behavior depending on them.


Behaviors that go against or which violate social values produced in the man or woman very strong unpleasant emotional states that prevent and hinder of derive pleasure of socially deviant behavior. In consequence, the existence and internalization of the values in the psyche of human beings prevents them or hinders you can derive pleasure from homosexual behavior. The violation of these values will cause you the emotion shame, disgust, repulsion, anguish, etc. which are very strong unpleasant emotional states that blocked and shall impede obtaining sexual pleasure derived from homosexual behavior.


Social values govern the behavior of human beings in relation to the Group and are what make social life possible. Social values “not lying”, “do not steal”, “do not fornicate”, “do not kill”, “not being dishonest”, etc. are those whose internalization in the psyche of human beings make possible collective life in a group or society.


Every man can get pleasure from the incestuous behavior with his mother or his daughter or his niece or cousin. What prevent the obtaining of that pleasure are the social values that establish the incestuous behavior as something abominable. Physiologically there is nothing in the vagina of his mother or his daughter or his niece or his cousin that prevented or impeded get sexual pleasure from the act of penetrate them with his penis. What prevents it, which causes repulsion, disgust, shame, or anxiety are the values that have internalized and installed in your psyche and where is established that such conduct is bad or abhorrent.


The same reasoning applies to the woman. Every woman can gain pleasure of sexual incestuous behavior with his father, his son, his nephew or cousin. Social values are what prevents or hinders the obtaining of that pleasure. Physiologically speaking there is nothing in the penis of his father, his son, his nephew or cousin that prevented or impeded get sexual pleasure from the act of being penetrated. What is preventing you from doing are the values.


While human beings are animals more erotic in nature, they are also the only ones who have values and modulate their behavior based on them.


What is the Posture Which has Prevailed in the Courts in Relation to Homosexuality?


In modern societies, especially in the Supreme courts of the different countries, have favored the claims of the homosexual groups based on the belief that is correct the theory or ideology that have led these groups to the courts. In this theory, or rather ideology of the homosexual groups, is settles that homosexual behavior is a “sexual preference”. This is to say that it’s a biologic behavior and, consequently, innate that you cannot learn. Accordingly, it is concluded that homosexuals it’s a minority group as they would be members of an ethnic group or a group with certain characteristics that are susceptible of being discriminated against by reason of that feature.


This theory or ideology of the homosexual groups is incorrect because it does not describe the reality. However, it has prevailed in the courts because opposition groups to homosexual behavior have failed to bring to the courts valid legal arguments. Instead of illustrating the courts about the harmful consequences to society to allow and accept homosexual behavior, these groups have dedicated to carry religious arguments based on the commandments of God.


For groups who oppose the legalization of homosexual behavior to succeed in the courts, they must change their legal arguments based on religious values and base their case on scientific facts. In that sense, this sociological theory that we are presenting can be useful.


What Strategies Used to Counter the Advance of Homosexuality?


Tree are the courses of action that can take groups that oppose the advance of homosexuality.  The first course of action is the political, the second is the educational, and the third is the judicial.


The first course of action that can take groups that oppose the advance of homosexuality is as follows: the Supreme Courts of countries are a part of the three governmental powers. The other two are the Legislature and the Executive. Both the Legislature and the Executive can be determined by majority vote of the society in the elections. Through the legislature can be amend the laws that judges of the Supreme Courts will have to interpret and apply. In addition, through the Executive and Legislative power the composition of the judges of the Supreme Courts can be changed for those who respond to the mindset of the majority of electors in the population.


Consequently, the founding of a political party that has as one of its main objectives combat the pro homosexual legislation is the first course of action to be followed by those who oppose the advance of the homosexual cause. Together with the formation of a political party or in substitution of the formation of that party may support those parties that commit to the objective of combating the pro gay legislation.


The second course of action is to develop an information campaign to raise the awareness of the population from the consequences of accepting the gay ideology as valid.  That is, the consequences of changing the culture with respect to the values that regulate sexual behavior in society.  The success obtained by groups who advocate for the rights of homosexuals in changing the perception of the population with regard to the acceptance of homosexual behavior is the result of an educational campaign that has more than 20 years. In that campaign they have educated people promoting the idea that homosexual behavior is innate, and therefore is a discriminated minority. It is inculcated in the population the idea that it is a sexual preference of hormonal or biological origin and therefore that they cannot learn. Some years ago the claims of acceptance of homosexual conduct by pro homosexuals groups came to have about 30% of acceptance as a result of this massive and extensive education campaign which have undergone population over the years. Then after more massive indoctrination and criminalization of the possession of values against homosexuality the acceptance increased above 40%. Later, after several more years of pro homosexual acceptance propaganda is more than 50%. This trend will continue to grow over the years, unless it is combated with another massive education campaign to dispel these pseudo-scientific theories that have spread in order to justify to the population the homosexual conduct as right or good. Do not expect results immediately from this type of campaign. It has taken them more than 20 years of massive campaign to change the opinion of the population. Therefore, you must take another 20 years of educational campaign in the opposite direction to counteract it.


The third course of action is to initiate legal lawsuits in Supreme Courts based on scientific arguments that demonstrate, on the one hand, that the homosexual groups are not a minority and, on the other hand, treat them as minorities have a detrimental effect on society.


In others words, to illustrate the courts demonstrating two things. Firstly, that it is a mistake to define homosexual groups as a minority, since they do not fill the requisites to enter into the definition of what is a minority group. Secondly, demonstrate to the courts that treatment of the homosexual groups as minorities have harmful consequences to society in the long term. For example, demonstrate, first, that such treatment would start the transition of the society from a heterosexual to an homosexual society and, secondly, demonstrate that the homosexual population growth adversely affects the well-being of society.


Note that it is a matter to demonstrate that the well-being of society is adversely affected and does not demonstrate that such conduct is immoral or unacceptable to God. The courts do not accept these kinds of arguments as valid.


Note also that you must demonstrate that homosexuality growth adversely affects the well-being of society. That means it is not enough to demonstrate that the homosexual population would increase if they are treats as a minority group, because the tribunal would require proving the damage to the society that the homosexual population growth would cause. That is the logic of the Court.


A more detailed discussion of what can be done to counter the advance of the homosexual conduct in the United States and the world is presented in the menu “what to be done?”

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